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Drift (Sony a5100) by Anna Koontz, 13; published in Stone Soup September 2022

A note from William Rubel

Dear Friends—

An update: continuing website improvements! The Stone Soup team has been working for months with britecode, our web design and development firm, to make our site easier to navigate as well as more beautiful. We’re very proud of the new homepage launched some weeks ago. We recently completed the new landing page for the magazine. I encourage you to visit the page and enjoy the linked writing—the stories, poetry, and memoir—and art! Anna Koontz’s dreamlike photograph is not the only photograph Stone Soup has published that rewards contemplation. We have two more big pages to go in our revision process. They are the blog and classes pages. Improving these pages is important to us and Stone Soup’s future as we begin to market Stone Soup’s website to teachers to use in their creative writing programs. We will begin our Annual Drive within the next few weeks and are looking for sponsors to help with this redesign project. Each page will cost in the neighborhood of $3,000. If you would like to sponsor a page, please write to finance@stonesoup.com

All my best,

William's Weekly Project

A dream, a sigh. Anna Koontz’s photograph captures the ineffable. A wisp, a gesture, it takes us into the realm of shadows dancing by the candlelight, clouds blown by the wind, shape-changing. Anna’s photograph is like a poem, a haiku, capturing an instant in time. I’d like you to look at this picture for some moments, letting your eyes follow the gorgeous curves of the smoke. Congratulations, Anna, for finding this flash of beauty, this emanation from the spirit world! As you, our newsletter readers, view this photograph, let it speak to you and jot down your impressions. They may be very different from mine.

Then, sit down and describe what you see around you. They can be small observations, like a spider in its web in the corner of the windowsill or your cat curled up sleeping. Try to capture what you see as mysteriously and succinctly as Anna did in her photograph. And as always, if you like your creation, please submit it for possible publication in the magazine.

Stone Soup is published by Children’s Art Foundation-Stone Soup Inc., a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization registered
in the United States of America, EIN: 23-7317498.


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