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Should Wuhan Take the Whole Blame for the Novel Corona Virus?

By Ziqing Peng, 12

During this winter holiday, most of the Chinese like me are stuck at home because of the virus outbreak.

We all know that Wuhan is the centre of virus outbreak places and the residents there are more likely to carry the virus. But does it mean that Wuhan is scary? Do we need to criticize all the Wuhan people as someone spread the virus?

In my opinion, the answer is no. We all know the virus was first found in Wuhan and then spread all over the world, but this is not a reason for discrimination towards Wuhan and all of the Chinese people.

First, think of the real cause of this virus outbreak. The bats brought this kind of virus to us as we took over too much land from nature and a lot of bats lost their homes. After losing their homes, they flew around to find new homes. During their migration, the virus inside them was spread to other wild animals and finally to humans. So, the real reason for this virus outbreak is that we didn’t have enough respect for nature. Think of ourselves wasting energy, damaging the grass… The real ‘criminal’ of this case is us, humans, but not only in Wuhan or China.

Secondly, this is a kind of warning sign from the great nature. It took place in Wuhan, as Wuhan is densely populated. While the worldwide population is growing, the Earth is becoming more and more crowded. The virus outbreak is a kind of natural way to balance the lives between humans and animals and plants. It is towards all of us, but not one of us, not some of us.

Last but not least, in this fateful hour on Earth, we should be united. We shouldn’t criticize each other, and we shouldn’t discriminate against those who come from Wuhan or China. We should stay strong together.

Be united and fight the virus! Stay strong Wuhan! Stay strong China! And stay strong all the world!



Ziqing Peng, 12
Nanjing, China

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