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Amorino is an ice cream shop based off of the two passions of co-founders Cristiano Sereni and Pablo Benassi: Italy and gelato. The first ever Amorino gelato shop was opened in 2002 in IIe Saint-Louis: the heart of Paris. This memorable destination is a must-go-to for all visitors and even residents of Paris. In 2006, the franchise was able to open over 90 stores across France.

In 2008, just two years later, the first international Amorino store was opened in Barcelona. In the following years, the company easily progressed to major places, such as London, Milan, and even New York. Also, in 2016, the brand was blessed with their 150th store.

In my opinion, the co-founders became very successful because of the creativity put inside of the cone. The unique rose shape is created with a metal spatula. The spatula slowly makes the flower come to life petal by petal. The cuisine is a piece of artwork, for there is so much delicate detail put into every single cone. The work, effort, and handcraft involved to make the ice cream is unbelievable.

I also think the other reason for their success is because they had the idea to let everyone enjoy ice cream, as some of the flavors are vegan and gluten free. This is true because, in 2016, the Vegan Society approved of all the sobets in Amorino’s wide selection of its flavors.

I was in Chicago's famous downtown towards the end of February. I was able to go get an Amorino ice cream. As soon as I entered the shop, pale walls and dark floor intrigued me and made me feel soft tingles of warmth reminding me of cozy cottages. I saw a small line formed in the middle of the shop with small tables set for two around the area. The place was full of chattering voices of customers and the fresh aroma of gelato. I slowly ordered my serving of gelato: organic lemon, pistachio, passion fruit, hazelnut chocolate, and mint chocolate chip. I closed my eyes with enjoyment, as the flavors, once mixed together, created more new unnamed and unspoken flavors.

Ice cream can sometimes make my head swirl and my mouth slowly curve into a smile. It was true of Amorino Gelato, but it tasted denser and richer, giving me even more joy as I ate. And my heart beat fast, as I played a game with the drops of gelato and sorbet that tried to drip onto my hands. The droplets might mimic the sweat beads I had, but I did not let a speck of sticky ice cream get on me. As the cone slowly grew smaller, I finished the ice cream with perfectly untouched hands. I continued to walk down the street still tasting the sweet flavors on the tip of my tongue, deciding which ones I would get next time.

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