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The song "Marjorie" is played in the movie Eras Tour in the Evermore leg of the concert, where I first heard it in early 2024. Ever since then, I have fallen in love with this song because the tune sends calming tingles down my spine and never fails to make the point of how much Taylor Swift misses her grandma Marjorie Finlay. I also love how the song's lyrics are structured like chants, with life lessons Taylor has learned from Marjorie, for example,

"Never be so kind, you forget to be clever.
Never be so clever, you forget to be kind.”

Taylor shares a heart-shattering story about knowing her grandma has passed away but still feeling her spirit in the world around her. The song emphasizes how Taylor looks up to her grandmother and how her grandmother has passed on her dreams to Taylor Swift. This song truly expresses Taylor’s grief for her grandma.

Taylor Swift was born in West Riding, PA on December 13, 1989. She released her first official album at 16 years old. She is known worldwide for singing many famous love songs, but some people don’t realize that she’s not the love-obsessed girl they think she is. Instead, she is also the singer of songs like "Welcome to New York" (about moving to New York), "22" (celebrating being 22), "Shake it Off" (about ignoring the haters), and "Marjorie" (about her grandmother).

The song "Marjorie" is in Evermore, Taylor’s 9th album. The album cover has Taylor with her hair in a braid and in a flannel sweater. The album was published when Taylor Swift was 30 in 2020. “Evermore” originally is an adverb that means forever, always, or in the future. I love this word because the word “forever” always brings reassurance to my mind, as it makes me feel like the hard times will pass, and everything will be the same in the future as before. This album was once a top album and "Willow," another song in the album, was once a top song.

I recommend this song because it is engraved in Taylor Swift’s heart, representing her as a person just like any of us. The grandma-granddaughter connections seem to be even more precious nowadays after COVID-19. This song will definitely raise people’s spirits and even make them cry when they connect this song with someone who passed away or disappeared in their life. Such a loss can result in a closed heart unable to be open to new love and invisible pain stabbing them in the side every day. This invisible pain is usually concealed and untold. The heart, however, is like a piece of paper; after it’s crumpled it can never be the same.

Possibly because of the power of connecting people, the song "Marjorie" becomes an important part of the legacy of the Eras Tour, as it is sung in every concert.

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