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Manasi Karthikeyan, 12
Nashotah, WI

Something feels different, go away COVID-19

Manasi Karthikeyan, 12

Stuck at home away from those you see every day
It feels like we are being held captive, but we can’t yell Mayday!
We wait and wait until this time is over
So, get up and wish on a four-leaf clover!

This is history something you cannot change
I know it’s all so strange
It feels like a dream but we can’t wake up
There was never a heads-up.

Nowhere to go and nothing to do
We are all feeling very blue
FaceTime, texting, and calling it’s not the same
My friends and I wish we were all at a sleepover playing a board game.

We can get over this as a community
Together we can say hello to new opportunities
We will all get back into our routine
Go away COVID-19!

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