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Stone Soup Author Interview: Elia Smith, 10


Stone Soup author Elia Smith, 10, talks about how she got started as an author, what she likes to read and write about, and shares some tips on how to become an award-winning writer.  Two of Elia's stories have been published in Stone Soup:  “The Locket” (July/August 2014), and “Words” (September/October 2014).

Here’s a list of the questions she answers in this video.

— How did you begin creative writing?

— What do you like to write about?

— Who are your favorite authors?

— Describe your writing process.

—  Have you won any awards for your writing?

— How did you discover Stone Soup?

— What was your reaction to getting published in Stone Soup?

— What advice would you give to others who want to get published in Stone Soup?

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