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Stone Soup Writer Interview: Isabel Folger, 12

Stone Soup author Isabel Folger, 12, talks about how she lets a story gestate in her mind for a couple of weeks before she starts writing. Isabel had four stories published in Stone Soup: “A Fortunate Soul” (January/February 2013), “A Special Present” (November/December 2013), “Hope" (January/February 2014), and “Believing” (July/August 2014). She also wrote a review of the book Counting by Sevens (November/December 2014).

Here’s a list of the questions she answers in this video.

— How did you begin creative writing?

— Have you won any awards for your writing?

— What was your reaction to getting published in Stone Soup?

— What advice would you give to others who want to get published in Stone Soup?

— Describe your writing process.

— What do you want to be when you grow up?

— How has being published in Stone Soup benefited you?

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