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Amelia Weilu Ding, 11
Shanghai, China

The Chase

Amelia Weilu Ding, 11

Another day, another close escape. For the past five months I've been tracked, followed, and nearly killed on more than a couple instances. Who is after me and why, you ask? This guy is the most relentless killer I have ever encountered: first name Alco last name Hol. And the thing about him is… he’s everywhere! He has what seems like more than a million brothers and sisters who are always after me. This is why I am all sweaty when I get back home. What I see every day when I go out are beds, people with all white clothes on or people with scrubs, masks, and gloves!!! They sure look scary; will they harm me? Yes, definitely. “Knock knock” Somebody’s at the door. AHHHHHHHHH! It’s Alco!!!! He reeks of a harsh astringent smell, a smell that all the viruses in my family fear. If he touches or scrubs me, it’s game over.

Another day, another chase. I am really tired; I have been running at least 20 hours every day for the past five months! Who am I after? She’s a murderer, my sister told me her name is Cora Na Virus. Such a weird name, right? It’s too hard to just chase her by myself, she really is a fast one. She travels past at least 1,000 people every day. I am those people’s hero, so I must do my job. One Hol isn’t enough, then ten! I call on five sisters and four brothers to come with me for the chase. I am now outside Cora’s door, time for action!

They had both come as far as they could go. Each too exhausted to chase or flee the other. They both mutually agreed it was time. And so, the standoff began.

“It’s been a long time coming Alco!”, Cora shouted. You’ve already killed 386,091 members of my family! How much more do you want?! Can’t we just talk it out?” Alco felt bad for doing this, but he remembered again, “She is a murderer...I need to do my job.” He suddenly reached for Cora. Alco managed to grab her by the arm and swung her around. Cora couldn’t help but yelp at his touch. She felt like her entire body was being lit on fire, but she knew she couldn’t give up. She swiftly kicked Alco’s hands and face. Shocked at how strong Cora was, Alco immediately backed away. He had underestimated her. She wasn’t anything like the other viruses he remembered encountering. She was stronger and faster. Had she evolved?

He was furious when the realization crashed down on him like a meteor. “You can go this time Cora Na Virus, but watch out! Next time, my cousins Sanitizer and Vaccine will come and back me up! You are not going to have a good ending!” As he stomped out of Cora’s house with his siblings. Cora breathed in, and sighed, “It’s not ending yet, it’s just a new start…”


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