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Giving voice to displaced children and young people.

About our Fall 2019 fundraiser

Help needed for our upcoming Refugee Special Issue

Dear friends and supporters of Stone Soup,

As some of you know, we have recently embarked on an exciting endeavor. In 2020 we plan to launch a special issue of Stone Soup which will feature the creative work of children in refugee camps around the world. We have been fortunate enough to partner with Laura Doggett and her art initiative, “Another Kind of Girl Collective,” (AKOGC) which has been working for the past five years to give teenage girls in Za'atari Refugee Camp in Northern Jordan the ability to express their inner worlds through film documentation. We want to raise a total of $5,000 to support the Special Issue and associated projects.

Make it possible for teen refugees to mentor the younger children

Khaldiya, Younid, and Marah are three teen girls who live in Za'atari Refugee Camp. They have agreed to lead a two-month-long photography workshop for children with the intention of generating submissions for our Stone Soup refugee issue. Here is where we turn to you, our generous donors. $2,000 will pay Khaldiya, Younid, and Marah a stipend, purchase workshop supplies, and mail back issues of Stone Soup  to Za'atari so the children can hold the magazines in their hands and see what is possible for them, too. With your help, our partnership with “Another Kind of Girl Collective” will foster creative inspiration and guidance.

Support the wider project: production, web development, and printing

Funds raised in excess of this amount–the other $3,000 of our goal–will be used to support the costs of publishing additional material from this group of children on our website, and towards the costs of producing the Special Issue of Stone Soup magazine, as well as providing print copies of the Special Issue to all of the participating camps. It will also contribute towards a campaign to publicise their work. If we exceed our fundraising goal, we might even be able to sponsor additional workshops.

We have set ourselves a target goal of $5,000. Will you help us reach it?

So often, media portrays refugee children as the subject of a narrative. This project gives them agency to tell their own stories. Our hope is to make it easier for people and the international press to access creative work that may inspire action.

Please donate toward our goal and help to empower the voices of refugee children. Thank you for believing in us. We wouldn't be where we are today without your support.


Margie Chardiet
Refugee Project Director

Donate to the Stone Soup Refugee Project

Be inspired by Stone Soup's legacy of publishing this kind of work

Dear friends

It's a depressing reality that these situations are not new, and that children are always part of the group of people caught up in events outside their control. Creative practice is one of the few outlets these children might have to express themselves and to process and describe what they have experienced. The work Margie Chardiet has been doing for us to build partnerships with people working on the ground in camps is really helping Stone Soup to contribute something towards making their work and the children's experiences more widely known and understood.

Stone Soup has a history of publishing extraordinary work by children who have lived through the trauma of war and fleeing their homes, both their art and their writing. Visit our website to see images produced during the Cyprus conflict, and some powerful, harrowing writing by child refugees from Vietnam.

This is the kind of work your donations will help to make possible, and to make public via Stone Soup. Please consider helping us with a contribution towards this Special Issue, and the on-the-spot work that will empower creative refugee children today.

Thank you.

William Rubel
President & CEO

Donate now to support child refugee creativity

Not convinced? Be inspired to help by our current Stone Soup writers

Our young readers and writers in the United States and elsewhere have provided us with inspiration, information, and fantastic blog posts throughout this project, which we first proposed in early 2018. Some of them have already donated to this campaign with both money and time. You can read some of their insights on our blog. Sabrina Guo has been particularly prolific. Read her pieces on Za’atari Camp and the crisis for refugee children more generally, as well as some personal reflections on the Stone Souprefugee project, and a specific piece on AKOGC and Laura Doggett's work.

Ivy Halpern's review of the book Refugee by Alan Gratz also offers some reflections on the experiences of refugee children from Syria and at other points in history.

Follow our young writers' lead and help us to support and encourage their contemporaries in camps around the world.

Thank you.
September 2019

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