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The Golden Brick Road
'The Golden Brick Road'
Mixed media collage by Sage Millen, 11 (Vancouver, Canada). Published September 2019.

A note from William Rubel

I have been looking through the submissions to our recently closed contest for a book-length manuscript. A lot of you entered! I'm impressed. It isn't just that there are so many entries, it is that the quality of the entries is exceedingly high. As a fellow writer, I can see how much work you put into the submissions. It seems like a lot of you are interested in writing book-length works, whether that is a single work of fiction or a collection of stories or poems. You have to think differently when working at this larger scale. We are pleased to see so many of you are rising to that challenge.

A grocery store a block from my house has a sign board facing the street. This week the message reads, "Summer should get a speeding ticket." That is certainly how I feel. Where did it go? Those of you who keep a journal are in a better position than most of us to answer that question. I am sure that at the beginning of summer I suggested (as I always do) keeping a journal. Did you? If so, please look through it to see whether there is anything there that you think we'd like to publish or post and, if there is, please submit it to the blog section in Submittable so that Stone Soup's editors can read it.

Rather than give you a new project for this Saturday I'd like to encourage you to go to a portion of the Stone Soup website that we know many of you haven't noticed. That is the section of the website with writing and art activities. Subscribers who are logged in to their accounts have unlimited access.

I'd like to say how much I like Sage Millen's artwork, "The Golden Brick Road." It is on the edge between art that is representational and art that is abstract. The colors draw me in. I want to follow that golden brick road. You? And if so, where to? Below, also from the September Issue,  you will find Layla Linnard's poem, "Us Three." Wow! So simple. And so not simple.

Until next week

Our Current Fundraising Appeal: the Refugee Project

This past week we sent out details of our late Summer/Fall fundraiser: raising funds to support the production and publication of creative work by children in refugee camps around the world. We want to raise a total of $5,000 to support workshops run by and for kids in camps, a Special Issue of Stone Soup, and associated projects–and you, our generous readers and supporters, have got us off to a terrific start. Within a few hours of our first letter going out, you had donated almost $500. That's already enough to cover the first kids' workshop being run by 3 talented teens living in Za'atari Refugee Camp. Please share the news of this appeal, and help us raise the money to continue this work. You can read more about this initiative at our website and help us by sharing the link with others. Thank you. Click here to donate to support our refugee project.

Customer service and online accounts

Last week we launched a new Customer Service FAQ which we hope you are finding helpful. We wanted to remind you that our previously published customer service email address(es) and telephone numbers are no longer functional, and we do not currently have a facility to take telephone queries. We intend to reintroduce a phone facility within the coming months, and for now we ask you please to email us with all of your requests and questions at subscriptions@stonesoup.com. We will keep you informed about improvements to our customer service as we work on it over the coming weeks.

Highlights from the past week online

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From Stone Soup, September 2019

Us Three

By Layla Linnard, 11 (Weston, MA)

I liked it a few months ago
It was just us three
There was no sharing my room
There was no screaming baby
I at least slept when
It was just us three

It was just us three
I at least slept when
There was no screaming baby
There was no sharing my room
It was just us three
I liked it a few months ago

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