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Aditi Dinesh, 11
Ottawa, Canada

The Virus

Aditi Dinesh, 11

It’s claiming life after life
As it reaches its peak
Let’s save them from this plight
Or there won't be next week

They’re working night after night
Trying to find a cure
Victims fight with all their might
Until it all becomes a blur

Folks are staying inside their home
Wishing they could go outside
It’s good weather to roam
But they have to stay inside

Everything is closed
Except for the stores
That people need the most
Everyone is bored

It’s going on a rampage
Infecting everything
Boredom becomes rage
As they wait for their things

Stress erupts on the nation
As more people lose their life
It's replaced by determination
To help people fight

They want to help our people
And we thank them for it
Especially the old and feeble
They're more likely to get it

There is hope on the horizon
Together we must endure
Doctors are on a mission
They’re going to find a cure


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