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“Utopia for an Animal” is a pictorial representation of how the coronavirus has changed our lives. As depicted, humans are stuck inside their homes and apartments, as animals outside frolic and play in an area of little to no pollution, and no hindrance to them. Elephants cross the street, antelopes look around, and bunnies and their families dance and eat grass. Utopia is a perfect society. For animals of all domains and kingdoms, this is the Utopia they would never have gotten anywhere else. Covid-19 has influenced our lives very much and changed the world to a great extent, but on the other hand there are animals, just waiting for this opportunity.



Himank Chhaya, 12
Tallahassee, FL

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  1. Himank, I am an old teacher from Ohio and congratulating you for your wonderful writing with the best depiction. Well done, boy!

  2. Himank,

    As your teacher I am so proud of the writer you have become. You are always branching out and looking for ways to learn. I applaud you on this blog. You Rock!!!

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