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Olivia Titus, 11
Houston, TX

We'll be Back

Olivia Titus, 11

We’re all gone
No one we can see
Days filled with yawns
Don’t talk to me

The calls don’t work
Families can’t agree
We’re going berserk
Everyone can see

Everything’s cancelled
All bored at home
Just some examples
But we’re not alone

And we’ll be back
Giving elbow bumps
Wearing our masks
This virus we’ll trump

And we’ll be back
We’ll get a move on
Make a comeback
Coronavirus will be gone

Some time ahead
We’ll look upon
These terrible days
But now Covid is gone.

This poem was entered in our weekly Flash Contest #20 (to write a poem inspired by a piece of music), and is inspired by the King’s song from the musical Hamilton, “You’ll Be Back.”

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