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An update from our forty-ninth Writing Workshop

A summary of the workshop held on Saturday October 9, plus some of the output published below

For this writing workshop, William presented one of his revised workshop topics on thoughtful word choice. More specifically, William described the concepts of Consonance, repeating a consonant anywhere in a word, Alliteration, repeating the first consonant sound only, and Assonance, repeating the vowel sounds. After going over the classic tongue-twister example of "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers," the class moved on to some more abstract examples, including the use of repetitive motifs in music, like in Beethoven or a piece by Philip Glass.

The challenge: Write a new piece full of alliteration, consonance, and assonance OR revise one of your old pieces to add more similar sounds.

The Participants: Liam, Elbert, Len D, Aditi, Samantha, Kate, Kina, Faiz, Sierra, Tilly, Grace, Iago, Nami, Jonathan


The Train

by Jonathan Li, 12


The entire place was bustling for a view. The walking cane came into view. The strong tree now supporting the stout old man. Short but steady he walked, clacking with the energy of a pirate’s peg leg. Poor as he was, a proper walking stick needed a good pick. Smoothed after years of use, it was all he needed in life. Little old man with a walking stick, brandished like a whip. Hurrying to the train, the stick made from tree waved and waved to reach the train going westward. Soon he saw the doors start closing. Surely he would turn and give up. I heard the wild noise, the shouts implying he would be squished like a pancake pie. He saw it too, felt the wind on his three white hairs, and moved with remarkable speed. And like that, we left the platform, impacts behind, hopes ahead, and memories forever stored. Off into the sunset.


Aditi Nair, 13
Midlothian, VA

The Silent Stream

by Aditi Nair, 13


A sliver of light contoured
the salient soul of the silent stream–
accentuating a surplus of red posies
pirouetting with the wind, while
shedding light on coarse cliffs

masking the dotted trees on the horizon.

Colors alter the way

we comprehend nature.
Colors alter the way

we comprehend our lives.

Even the scariest of places

changes our perception.
Even the quietest of places

has a story waiting to be told.

Buoyant boulders sing with

the crashing waters, and
lively leaves enliven the tranquil trees,
while staying close to
the silent stream.


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