William Rubel

Special Sunday Newsletter: December 25, 2022

Glimmer (Panasonic ZS200) by Sage Millen, 13; published in Stone Soup November 2022 A special announcement from William Dear Friends! Firstly, on a personal note, I hope you all have a truly fabulous Christmas Day. My daughter and I will cook our Christmas meal on our fireplace. Some years ago, I wrote a book called […]

Writing Workshop #75: Core Temperaments

An update from our seventy-fifth writing workshop A summary of the workshop held on Saturday, November 19 In this workshop, the participants learned how to base characters on core temperaments. William explained the ancient Greek concept of four personality types: phlegmatic (calm and anchored; associated with earth), choleric (hot-headed and leaderlike; associated with fire), sanguine […]

Writing Workshop #74: Mixing Genres (Revisited)

An update from our seventy-fourth Writing Workshop A summary of the workshop held on Saturday, November 12, plus some of the output published below This week, workshop assistant Liam Hancock challenged the students to step outside of their comfort zones and incorporate two or more separate genres into a single work of fiction. The young […]