Covid Memories, a poem by Nishka, 10

Nishka Budalakoti, 10 (Foster City, CA) Covid Memories Nishka Budalakoti, 10 I’ve been as confused As a dog who chased It’s tail and caught it I’ve been as angry As a crocodile Who just couldn’t catch A meek little mouse I’ve been as nervous As a small chipmunk In a group of bulls And yet […]

Castles in the Air, a short story by Anushka, 11

It was a cold winter day when I saw her. The snow was melting after last week’s heavy snowfall leaving the streets a glittering shade of black. There were hardly any cars on the icy wet streets that day. The houses along the street were so quiet I could almost hear the soft swaying of […]

Awareness, Reflection… Awareflectness!

Madeleine Schor, 13 (Palo Alto, CA) Awareness, Reflection… Awareflectness! Madeleine Schor, 13 I have a particularly vivid memory from last autumn. While tidying up my room, something unexpected caught my eye. It was an eerie morning. A newborn day, holding fresh potential, yet also carrying the threat of losing itself to the sea of all […]