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Nishka Budalakoti, 10 (Foster City, CA)

Covid Memories

Nishka Budalakoti, 10

I’ve been as confused

As a dog who chased

It’s tail and caught it

I’ve been as angry

As a crocodile

Who just couldn’t catch

A meek little mouse

I’ve been as nervous

As a small chipmunk

In a group of bulls

And yet I’ve been as

Patient as a spider

Waiting on its web

And I’ve stood as tall

As a giraffe in

The African heat

And yet I’ve been kind

Even though I feel

Like a cat who has

Been woken from her nap

When it is morning

And yes, things have gone

Wrong, yes, things have

Changed, but still, but still,

I am still the same

Because even though

We might forget the

Normal times when we’re

Old, we will never

Forget the different

Times, never, ever ever.

What doesn’t kill you

Makes you stronger, but

Also makes the best

Memories of all.

The featured image for this piece was taken by BlueJay and accompanied her poem "Wild."

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