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Stone Soup Author Interview: Anya Interviews Lena Aloise

Stone Soup contributor and 20-21 intern Anya Geist (14) interviews Stone Soup contributor Lena Aloise (11). They talk about artistic freedom, writers as composers, the online community of the Stone Soup Writing Workshop, and so much more! Watch the video to hear what Lena has to say. Read some of Lena’s writing here and here. […]

Zoom Sagas, creative nonfiction by Stella, 11

Stella, 11 Zoom sagas Stella, 11 “I ain’t never used this alien program!” —Darlene I The only thing my sister could see of her second grade teacher for the whole first week of school was Mrs. Watson’s eyebrows. She couldn’t hear much either. Probably because Mrs. Watson had all twenty-nine kids’ microphones unmuted. So you […]

The Writer, Artist of Words, by Michaela Frey, 12

Michaela Frey, 12Herndon, VA The Writer, Artist of Words Michaela Frey, 12 A fog has fallen over the people, a devastating, colorless, mist of despair hanging over the humans. Those consumed in the fog are mourned; yet the numbers of those taken rise every day, a staircase leading up, and all the same, leading downwards […]

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