Lost Land

Unseen, seen, unseen. Blink and it will disappear. In cover it waits for no one knows what. Lost in the mid-Pacific, traps protect the jewel, never to be found. Only the past may reveal Secrets of the lost.

Self Isolation, haiku by Francesca Webb, 10

Francesca Webb, 10Hartley Wintney, UK Self Isolation Francesca Webb, 10 Sitting at my desk Wishing it could be next year Missing summer fun On google classroom My days are long and boring What is happening? Hospitals full up Doctors working very hard No more face masks left Nothing in the shops I hope old people […]

Coronavirus Haiku, poetry by Amy Richman, 10

Coronavirus Haiku By Amy Richman, 10 Coronavirus I am lonely now because I am at home Coronavirus Friends to see in the morning No I can’t no more Coronavirus I will try to stay strong now I know I can fight Coronavirus I am stuck inside for now I want to get out Coronavirus But […]