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Coronavirus Haiku

By Amy Richman, 10

I am lonely now because
I am at home

Friends to see in the morning
No I can't no more

I will try to stay strong now
I know I can fight

I am stuck inside for now
I want to get out

But for now I will fight you.
I wish you were gone

I have been sheltered in place with my mom and dad for 4 weeks (this is going to be my 5th week). I am lonely and I try to smile but sometimes it is hard. I think then that I am fortunate, I am lucky. I have food. I have my family. Some people do not have that. Some are sick. Some have to go out to work. I am thankful for what I have. I like to write poems in Haiku style. Here is my Coronavirus Haiku. I want to share it with others because maybe then they won't feel so alone.


Amy Richman, 10
Basking Ridge, NJ

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  1. Amy, your poem is beautiful….and sad…..and hopeful. Many amazing and unexpected good things have been born out of this Pandemic; and your ability to express your beautiful soul is one of them. Keep writing!

  2. What a beautiful heartfelt poem!
    I can feel all your sadness and mixed feelings. It helps me get to know you better and to know that many people must feel. The same way!

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