Stone Soup Author Interview: Mathilde Fox-Smith, 11

Stone Soup author Mathilde Fox-Smith, 11, talks about how she develops a story over time and the process of editing and revising – including encouraging us not to be afraid to seek and take advice, and how writing for publication has helped her evolve as a writer. Mathilde’s story “The Crownweaver” (November/December 2014) is published in Stone Soup. […]

Stone Soup Author Interview: Katherine Tung, 12

Stone Soup author Katherine Tung, 12, tells us what she loves about creative writing and why she wants to do it, including some insights into her favourite authors and what she has learned that has helped her develop into a better writer. Katherine published her story “The Five-Dollar Bill” (July/August 2015) in Stone Soup. 0:12 — What […]

Stone Soup Author Interview: Tatum Schutt, 12

Stone Soup author Tatum Schutt, 12, talks about how she has polished her craft as she learned to write fiction, and shares some of her plans for the future.  Tatum has published two stories in Stone Soup:  “In the Woods” (May/June 2014) and “My Grandmother’s Earrings” (September/October 2014). Here’s a list of the questions she answers in this video. 0:10 […]