Interview and Web Links for Author Ransom Riggs

This interview inspires two projects: write a story based on a photograph and illustrate a story with photographs. This is a great interview by Ransom Riggs. He starts out talking about the pressure of writing a second book after having published a first book that was exceptionally successful. He then talks about how, in Hollow City, […]

Interview and Links for Author Renée Ahdieh

A strong interview with Renée Ahdieh. The interview focus is on her writing process. • Writes books based on the theme of “choice and consequence” with her goal being to “explore the gray area between.” •Good discussion of how she plans out her books contrasting her “architect” approach to others who work looser, more like gardeners or “panthers” […]

Stone Soup Author Interview: Richard Ma, 12

Stone Soup author Richard Ma, 12, talks about how he finds his ideas, what he likes to write about most, and how being published has made a difference to his writing. Richard has published a poem, “Goes the Ball” (September/October 2014) in Stone Soup, and reviewed two books for us: the biography of Steve Jobs (July/August 2012) and Temple Grandin […]