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Into the Woods
Into the Woods (charcoal) by Ivory Vanover, 12; published in the May/June 2023 issue of Stone Soup

A note from Laura Moran

Greetings all,

Happy spring and happy 50th anniversary of Stone Soup magazine! I hope you are all enjoying the May/June issue of Stone Soup as much as I am.

As we approach spring and temperatures slowly climb in the Northeastern part of the United States, where I now live, I realize my seasonal preferences seem to have inexplicably shifted! Where I used to prefer summer, all vibrant colors, warm earth, and stepping outside without a coat, I now prefer the cooler months. Lately, I even favor the rainy, overcast days to the sunny ones. Perhaps it’s because my 14-year-old daughter tends to faint easily in warm weather and bright light, or perhaps it’s simply because I’m a homebody, and the rain affords a better excuse than any of the other weather events to curl up with a good book or the latest edition of Stone Soup! Or maybe it’s because, in the grips of climate change and alarming shifts in weather patterns, we didn’t have much of a winter this year. In any case, my daughter and I are reveling most in the spring rain. Sometimes we feel like we’re in a secret rainy-day club and need to conceal our preference for clouds. As she shared with me on a recent sunny day when the morning light streaked across her pillow to rouse her, “Everyone says it’s a beautiful day…well, I think it has a big nose!”

Whatever your weather preference, you will be enchanted by Amber Zhao’s "Salt," depicting Maroochydore and surrounding areas on Australia’s Sunshine Coast. Through strikingly vivid prose, Zhao renders the force and beauty of the natural world in its many incarnations. She writes:

"That molten gold sun that traced a trail through the churning sea. The sea’s long, sorrowful moan threading into my sleep. The salt that crept into sandals, into sofas, into floorboards, into everything."

Read it, and the other gorgeously descriptive pieces in the latest issue of Stone Soup, and you will be transported.

Speaking of being transported…another way to achieve this state, as Emma described in last week's newsletter: visit the library! Please join us in honor of Stone Soup’s 50th anniversary in May and Library Week 2023, in our special fundraising drive to bring Stone Soup to more libraries across the world.

In Refugee Project news, our current pen pal exchange with young people in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya is currently underway. Our batch of fourteen letters successfully reached London, from whence they were brought to Kakuma Camp by our partner organization, My Start Project. We now anxiously await our return letters.

To read more about Refugee Project initiatives, and our aim to unite young refugee artists and writers with our broader Stone Soup readership, please check out our recent publication in Zocalo Public Square.


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