I sense a fragrance  Like old memories and new  Peace drifts through the air      Cherry blossoms bloom  With memory of winter  Lingering softly      Lush meadows grow tall  As nature opens its eyes  Leaves of spring glow green 

My Friend the Shark, an infographic by Paris, 8

Paris Andreou Hadjipavlou, 8 (Nicosia, Cyprus) My Friend the Shark Paris Andreou Hadjipavlou, 8 When I grow up I want to learn a lot about sharks and protect them. For now me and my little brother remove from the beach plastic bottles and garbage so that they do not harm my animal friends. I also […]

Writing Workshop #66: Nature Writing

An update from our sixty-sixth Writing Workshop A summary of the workshop held on Saturday, May 21st In this workshop, students practiced writing descriptively about the natural world with examples from J. R. R. Tolkien. William showed pictures of various landscapes, including a few he had taken himself, and as a mini-challenge, had students describe […]