Saturday Newsletter: October 14, 2023

An Archeology of the Future by Emma Catherine Hoff. Cover art by Rebecca Wu, 9. A note from Emma Wood Hello, Stone Soup readers & writers, Earlier this month, we announced that Archeology of the Future by Emma Catherine Hoff, the poetry winner of Stone Soup’s 2022 Book Contest, was released and is available for purchase! Please support Stone […]

Saturday Newsletter: September 30, 2023

Raindrops, or Sharpie Doodles? (Canon Rebel) by Madeline Male, 14; published in the September/October issue of Stone Soup A note from Tayleigh Greene Hello, and happy Saturday! This week, I’ve been reflecting on my creative process, and creative processes in general. I never know exactly when I’ll get paid a visit by the muses. I find […]

Saturday Newsletter: September 16, 2023

My Sister (pencil) by Crystal Fu, 12; published in the September/October issue of Stone Soup A note from Emma Wood Hello, friends! As many of you know, my family and I recently moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. I was surprised to realize that, even though Chicago is a mere four-hour drive away, Ohio is on Eastern time—and in fact, […]