Saturday Newsletter: November 30, 2019

Dandelions by Alicia Xin, 13 (Scarsdale, NY), published in Stone Soup November 2019 A note from William Rubel Did you know we have a special offer running all Thanksgiving weekend? 25% off annual print subscriptions! Visit Stonesoup.com, click the Subscribe button, and get a year of stone soup delivered to your home for just $67.50. […]

Saturday Newsletter: October 12, 2019

Snowflake Hiding in Blues by Hannah Parker, 13 (South Burlington, VT) illustrating “Northern Night” by Poppy Lowenthal Walsh, 12 (Minneapolis, MN)                                                                                             A note from Sarah Ainsworth I recently subscribed to a poem-a-day newsletter, and it has changed my mornings for the better. I like how the poem delivered to my inbox each a.m. gives me […]

Searching for Han Solo: A Poem

Riddle me this And Make My Day Who has taken all the heroes away? They are not in the papers Or on TV Not anywhere, sadly, that I can see Maybe King Arthur got lost And James Bond’s in rehab Batman’s car is in the shop and he can’t find a cab Lassie’s having a […]