short stories

My Starduster Friends, a story by Julia Marcus, 13

Julia Marcus, 13Culver City, CA My Starduster Friends Julia Marcus, 13 It’s Friday the 13th. Rosie doesn’t believe in superstitions, but she can’t shake the feeling that today’s an unlucky day. In what way, she doesn’t know. She stayed up late last night, scribbling in her beloved journal, and she only woke up around twenty […]

Quarantine Robbery, a story by Jackson Schwaeble, 10

Jackson Schwaeble, 10Magnolia, TX Quarantine Robbery Jackson Schwaeble, 10 It was a beautiful night on 347612 Crescent Street. Alex was having a nice fajita dinner when his mom spit out the news. “Honey, I’m working a double shift tomorrow at the hospital so you’ll be staying home alone.” Alex was awestruck.  “Really mom? You’ve never […]

Hide and Seek, a short story by Adam Smith, 13

Adam Smith, 13London, UK Hide and Seek Adam Smith, 13 I laughed as I charged along the tree-lined sunlit path with my friends in tow. I slipped, and we all giggled as I dusted myself off, not in a toxic or harmful way but in the playful way that all children have before they hit […]