short story

The Monster, a short story by Haopu (Max) Xu, 10

The Monster By Haopu (Max) Xu, 10 The monster’s name is Ackalasaf. You could find him in the depths of the breathtakingly scary wardrobe in Castle Fagg Ghast on a small island floating in the middle of the Pacific. Ackalasaf smells a trillion times worse than tons of rotten eggs and you can smell it […]

“Calamity 023,” a short story by Marco Lu, 13

Jack waited at the conveyer belt, Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…  AAAaaaAAAaaaAAAaaa WARNING! WARNING! The signal for a fire! Jack leapt to his feet and ran but found himself at a dead end. There was a single door. Jack ran to it, banged it, pulled it, kicked it, and even tried to smash it open! After deciding […]