short story

Starry Night: A Series in Ekphrasis by Ella Yamamura, 14

Our village looks like a mirror without a reflection, lively, but bland. It wouldn’t, normally, but the village of Starry Night just a couple fields away outshines us by a million stars. Literally. Their side of the sky seems to favor the village of Starry Night by thousands, sprinkled with glittering souls of light that […]

Castles in the Air, a short story by Anushka, 11

It was a cold winter day when I saw her. The snow was melting after last week’s heavy snowfall leaving the streets a glittering shade of black. There were hardly any cars on the icy wet streets that day. The houses along the street were so quiet I could almost hear the soft swaying of […]

Zooming In, a short story by Maya, 10

Maya Ruben, 10 (Washington DC) Zooming In Maya Ruben, 10 “Knowing how to care is the first step, but actively going out of your way to do something nice is what really matters,” Ms. Sandra said in a welcoming voice. I found it funny how she thought no one noticed the filter she had on […]

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