The History of Soccer By Alex O’Hare, 10

Even though soccer is played by millions around the globe, people do not talk about its history very often. Because of that, I am going to introduce you to the history of one of the greatest sports in the world. Modern soccer was established in England in 1863, when the British founded the Football Association. […]

Flamethrower, a memoir by Jacob, 11

Flamethrower Jacob Chan, 11 I was almost 11 in the warm windy fall of the year 2019, when my baseball team, the Bulldogs, were playing in the little league semi-finals. But still, I couldn’t help but want to crawl under my bed, where I would be safe. I couldn’t even bear to glance at the […]

Running or Racing?

Running or racing? It’s such a simple question and most of us would probably choose running. But is that really the case? Do we really run for enjoyment? Or for speed? I once trained the slowest girl in our whole grade to be the fastest on the Cross-Country team. I would say that I have […]