How to Play Kabaddi: Part 2

Hello again! When I left off my last blog post (Kabaddi: Part 1), I had just finished explaining a bit about Kabbadi. Well, I’m back! In this blog we will cover how to score in Kabaddi, and how scoring is kept, as well as how to be a Kabaddi referee. Here we go! We left […]

How to Play Kabaddi: Part 1

Kabaddi is a sport that undoubtedly very few of you must have heard of if any at all. Unlike a lot of sports, Kabaddi does not include a ball as part of the game. The game is like football, wrestling, and tag all at once. Kabaddi originated in the modern Tamil region of the Indian […]

How the NBA Season Works

How the NBA Season Works, by Himank Chhaya, age 11   Illustration by Spencer Hanson, 11, for the story titled “Blue Eyes” by Eve Driver, 13, published in our July/August 2011 issue A lot of people don’t know how the NBA season works. Those people might be die-hard NBA fans, but they still are oblivious […]

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