young composer

Symphony in C Major, by Sage Millen, 11

I am the one who composed and performed this piano piece on the recording. I composed it last year. It is in the key of C Major and it was inspired by technique because my piece has a lot of hidden scales and triads in it. Listen to the piece on SoundCloud here. For those […]


I wrote this piece thinking of something that should flow as a river. I didn’t want the title to be “The River,” but rather something that was more creative and easygoing. The notes were  supposed to, again, flow like a river. I wanted the specific timing of the melody to be in different places as […]

‘Misted’: music for saxophone and piano, by Abe Effress, 11

Abe Effress, 11, playing saxophone in Marina Del Rey I have been playing saxophone since I moved to Los Angeles from the mountains of Colorado four years ago. This year, I wrote a piece for piano and submitted it to the Composers Today program for young composers. I became very interested in making music, and […]

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