Writing Activity: Using the power of “show, don’t tell”

Writers often hear the advice: “show, don’t tell.” But what does it mean? Read and study a story from the ...
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Writing Activity: working with dialogue

This activity is built around a story by 11-year-old Lena Boesser-Koschmann, first published in the November/December 1992 issue of Stone ...
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A felt drawing of a parade celebrating a peace treaty.

Documenting history in children’s art: Egypt in the late 1970s

We at the Children's Art Foundation were very lucky to be given these extraordinary felt pen drawings by the Egyptian ...
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Li Lingfei Cat House

Art Activity: imagining, planning and drawing complex imaginary worlds

This art activity by Olivia Joyce is built around 8-year-old Li Lingfei's Artist's Portfolio, published in Stone Soup’s March 2018 ...
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Writing Activity: Stories about trust, truth and lying

This writing activity is based on two stories published in the May/June 1994 issue of Stone Soup: "The Mother's Day ...
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Writing Activity: plot a story on a graph with the brilliant, funny “Shapes of Stories” talk by Kurt Vonnegut

This writing activity is based on a very funny Kurt Vonnegut lecture on the shape of stories. In this project, ...
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