Book Club Activity: Making Our Own Anthology

At our most recent Book Club meeting on May 29, the Stone Soup Book Club read Look Both Ways: A Tale Told ...
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A brightly coloured felt drawing of the artist’s dream bedroom.

Writing Activity: take a character on a believable journey from zero to hero

'Tom Green,' a story by 10-year-old Zahra Batteh, is a classic redemption tale. Tom Green, a horrible, spoiled, lazy young man ...
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A photograph of a child splashing in a muddy puddle.

Writing and Art Activity: Capture a Moment where Stillness is Disrupted

The cover image for the March 2021 issue of Stone Soup is incredibly striking. Aiyla Syed’s photograph "Sensation" (pictured above) ...
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Digital illustration of astronaut shining a light on an alien creature.

Art Activity: Telling a Story with Multiple Perspectives in a Single Image

Emi Le's artwork, "Invisible to Human," is one of those deceptively simple pieces of art that reveals more, and poses ...
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A pastel drawing of a lady in a red dress holding a parasol.

Writing Activity: Using Framing to Add Depth and Power

Emma McKinny's story "Windsong," is about going to a performance of Dr. Atomic, an opera by John Adams with libretto by ...
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Conrad and Fate playing baseball

Writing Activity: challenging prejudice and developing empathy through storytelling

The story by 11-year-old Nate Sheehan, "Conrad and Fate" is about prejudice based on a student's ethnicity. This story, set ...
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