My Mother’s Little Girl mother being critical

Writing Activity: developing character and perspective with character sketches

This writing activity is built around 11-year-old Ella Staats' story, "My Mother's Little Girl'" published in Stone Soup in September/October ...
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Writing Activity: novels in the form of letters, inspired by Jane Austen’s childhood writing

Jane Austen (1775-1817) is one of the the greatest novelists to have written in English. Her novels are still widely ...
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Writing Activity: working with stream of consciousness

Stream of consciousness can be an effective writing style to use when you have a character who sees and thinks ...
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Planet With Five Suns

Art Activity: imagining new worlds with ‘Planet With Five Suns’, by Vika Sycheva, 8

Introduction to this Stone Soup Art Activity Russia is a country with a rich tradition of folk stories and fantasy. Some ...
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As Long As We're Happy mermaid

Writing Activity: revealing character through problems with “As Long as We’re Happy (part 1)” by Clea Rivera, 14

Introduction to this Stone Soup Writing Activity Here you find Part One of Clea’s story. In a separate activity, we’ll ...
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When Smudgie Got Lost! entering house

Art and Writing Activity: making a picture book with “When Smudgie Got Lost” by Karine Faden, 10

Introduction to this Stone Soup Art and Writing Activity Many of the stories we print in Stone Soup are both ...
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