Be Aware of Global Warming

Land-ocean temperature index, 1880 to present, with base period 1951-1980. Courtesy NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies – http://data.giss.nasa.gov/gistemp/graphs/ When you hear the word “Monster,” what do you think of? You might imagine a red, slimy creature with razor-like teeth, or an enormous shadowy figure lurking around. But some monsters are not like the ones […]

Earth Day Is For Everyone: How Do You Want To Make A Difference?

Photo via Pixabay by Clker-Free-Vector-Images Our earth has been alive for 4 billion years, but already it seems to be dying. Not only are plants and animals across the globe disappearing, but the earth itself approaches death. The ozone layer is getting ruined with human activities and pollution, and habitats all around the world are turning […]

The Winds of Change

As I stepped into the morning sun, I found that it was not as cold out as it had been these past few months. I went back inside to quickly change out of my jeans and sweater into shorts and a t-shirt. My boots felt unusually hot as I pulled them on and walked out […]