Short Stories

Quarantine Robbery, a story by Jackson Schwaeble, 10

Jackson Schwaeble, 10Magnolia, TX Quarantine Robbery Jackson Schwaeble, 10 It was a beautiful night on 347612 Crescent Street. Alex was having a nice fajita dinner when his mom spit out the news. “Honey, I’m working a double shift tomorrow at the hospital so you’ll be staying home alone.” Alex was awestruck.  “Really mom? You’ve never […]

A Day in the Life of a Mask, a story by Andrew Li, 11

Andrew Li, 11Ann Arbor, MI A Day in the Life of a Mask Andrew Li, 11 A used face mask lay in the biohazard bin, where it had been placed once the doctor had finished his workday. He remembered the days of when he had just been created and was waiting to be shipped away. […]