Short Stories

The Goal, a story by Ziva Ye, 9

Ziva Ye, 9Overland Park, KS The Goal Ziva Ye, 9 I lived a happy life. I loved to roll around in the grass and laughing with the other kids at recess. I didn’t even care that my leather black-and-white pentagon patterned clothes got smothered with grass stains! My favorite subject in school was gym. Every […]

Quarantine Robbery, a story by Jackson Schwaeble, 10

Jackson Schwaeble, 10Magnolia, TX Quarantine Robbery Jackson Schwaeble, 10 It was a beautiful night on 347612 Crescent Street. Alex was having a nice fajita dinner when his mom spit out the news. “Honey, I’m working a double shift tomorrow at the hospital so you’ll be staying home alone.” Alex was awestruck.  “Really mom? You’ve never […]