Short Stories

A Day in the Life of a Mask, a story by Andrew Li, 11

Andrew Li, 11Ann Arbor, MI A Day in the Life of a Mask Andrew Li, 11 A used face mask lay in the biohazard bin, where it had been placed once the doctor had finished his workday. He remembered the days of when he had just been created and was waiting to be shipped away. […]

Pigeon City by Charis Choy, 11

Charis Choy, 11 Cary, NC Pigeon City Charis Choy, 11 Amber rays of sunlight flooded through the city, casting long shadows behind the tall buildings. A glint of sun caught on dark grey feathers as the bird glided through the darkening sky, skimming the tops of the buildings. It landed on the roof of the […]

The Chase, a story by Amelia Weilu Ding, 11

Amelia Weilu Ding, 11Shanghai, China The Chase Amelia Weilu Ding, 11 Another day, another close escape. For the past five months I’ve been tracked, followed, and nearly killed on more than a couple instances. Who is after me and why, you ask? This guy is the most relentless killer I have ever encountered: first name Alco last name Hol. […]