A photograph of a quaint birdhouse surrounded by snowflakes.

Out of the Pandemic, poetry in seasons by Paridhi, 13 | Part I: Winter 2020

Author's Statement I started writing this piece as an optional assignment in my seventh grade English class. It was an ...
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Kisses from Cecile old letters

Break-Up Letter to 2021

Break-Up Letter to 2021 Jacqueline Gonzalez, 13 Dear 2021,  I’m not exactly sure how to say this, and I am ...
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Shattered Landscape

My Dream, a poem by Skylar, 5

My Dream Skylar Chen, 5 I had a dream. In my dream, I got on a swing. When I flew ...
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Covid Memories, a poem by Nishka, 10

Covid Memories Nishka Budalakoti, 10 I’ve been as confused As a dog who chased It’s tail and caught it I’ve ...
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Watercolor painting of brushstrokes in different shades of black forming one column against a white background

Life in the Time of COVID-19

Life in the Time of COVID-19 Graham Kosnar, 12 I t started—the disease that just kept coming   S taying ...
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Girls with Flowers, art by Jane, 13

Girl with Daisies Jane Wheeler, 13 Girl with Roses ...
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