Editor’s Note

Imagine if animals could talk: what we would learn, and how we might be different, and how much chatter we’d hear every time we entered a forest! In the fantastical stories in this issue, there is a talking, magical butterfly and a shape-shifting goddess of the forest. There are gods at war with humans over [...]

Editor’s Note


The Legend of the Leaves

      Long, long ago, in the days when dinosaurs roamed, and the earth was filled with lush, green grass, the first people were born. The gods shaped them from the mud of the earth, dropping them on the soft ground and giving them shelter from harsh weather. In the time before humans, the [...]

The Magic Female Butterfly

    Long, long ago in a scorching, wet rainforest, where the leaves of trees were covered in sweat, lived a poor family. They had: a sister called Vigo, a boy called Cancy, and a mother, but the father was killed by a crocodile. One day, when Vigo was exploring the jungle, a vivid spark [...]

George’s Dream

  My name is George. I’m a six-year-old boy. I have a nose-picking brother who annoys me constantly. I want to be a scientist. Specifically, I want to make a drink that will make people live forever. My mom and dad tell me that I have a good imagination. I tell my parents that I [...]

The Emperor and the Animals

    Ra-ra-ra. Raurau-ra… An extraordinary barking cry shattered the frosty air. A huge black eagle settled itself on an icy birch limb. Ruffling his feathers against the chill, he stretched his enormous wings one last time before settling them comfortably on his back. Respectfully, he cocked his head to meet the calm stare of [...]

What the End Is

    I knew how it would end. I knew from that first spring day when my dad and I took the old green pickup over to Big Sky High School’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) building and came back with the 25-pound piglet I called Ash. From that night when I carried an old [...]

Camping with Bears

  The trees are like people running a marathon. I was in the car. My older sister Chanah and younger sister Sarah are fighting. The noise that’s coming from them I imagine to be the sound of the crowd cheering.”We’re here,” my father shouts over the noise. Here at the campsite. ”How many more camping [...]

Night and Day

  Night is dark and mysterious. Every soul is asleep. Even the tiny baby birds don't make a sound for we know the moon is quite big its falling, glowing gaze from up above. The stars are bright. The fairies dance under the twinkling lights. In the moonlight, God casts a spell on the glowing [...]

The Teacher

  The wind teaches the bare trees how to dance The trees try but they are not agile and thrash like a beached fish I wonder why the wind does not just give up Its next lesson may be more fruitful The green leaves flutter in the wind against the bare tree I wish that [...]

Violet Break

  Up, out of the Spree! (of the city) he said We should get out of town! (in the meadow) Do you know how breakneck it is? to be alone (on a dusty bridge) when you have a violet break? Dancing in the sunshine (bare feet) you see! He was right all along (Maybe I [...]


  Bright moonlight fills the rainy forest. Trees’ leaves glisten with rain. The shadow of a wolf slices the white glow. His paws softly touch the damp mud. He has a place to go. The moon flickers, appears again in a crack between two treetops, {the light shining like fire.} The wolf opens his jaws, [...]

Autumn Leaves

  I stand here, still in the open air, paused in a lawn of crisp, crackly leaves. I feel sorry they had to die. I’d feel bad to crunch. I stand still in a strangely deep sorrow.

Mighty Exquisite Parrot

Space Travel: Goh to Van Gogh

Cherry Blossom Visitor

Meeting of the Minds

Blue Leopard

Dozing in the Sun

Stone Soup Honor Roll: November 2018

Welcome to the Stone Soup Honor Roll! We receive hundreds of submissions every month by kids from around the world. Unfortunately, we can't publish all the great work we receive. So we created the Stone Soup Honor Roll. We commend all of these talented writers and artists and encourage them to keep creating. – The [...]