Stone Soup Magazine
November 2018

Editor’s Note


The Legend of the Leaves

The gods gave people the greatest gift of all— leaves—but the humans kept demanding more and more

The Magic Female Butterfly

A girl discovers a magic butterfly that will grant her a single wish

George’s Dream

A brilliant scientist invents a potion that allows people to live forever

The Emperor and the Animals

The animals in the forest rebel when the emperor attempts to destroy their land with a new palace

What the End Is

When Freya signed up for the 4-H hog project she knew she would have to say goodbye—but that didn’t stop her from getting attached

Camping with Bears

A family encounters another family—of bears—on a camping trip

Night and Day


The Teacher


Violet Break




Autumn Leaves


Mighty Exquisite Parrot


Space Travel: Goh to Van Gogh


Cherry Blossom Visitor


Meeting of the Minds


Blue Leopard


Dozing in the Sun


Stone Soup Honor Roll: November 2018


Letters to the Editor


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