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The Mourning Dove

The narrator and her mothers try to come to terms with some terrible news

The Secret Society

Twenty years in the future, an orphan boy tries to find his place in a world permanently altered by COVID-19

I Wish . . .

A mother and a son, separately regretting the way they’ve treated each other in the past, wish to make things right

The Day the Sky was Orange

When will our world go back to normal?” the narrator wondered, as smoke blanketed the California sky during the pandemic

Gentle Hands

It’s Michelle’s first day of school, and all she wants is to be in bed at home, with the familiar sound of Chinese filling the air

The Read Aloud

When the writer struggled with reading, it seemed like everyone was willing to help her improve except her teacher

How to Share an Apricot


Dear Friend


My Eyes Stretch






China is Left Behind


Northern Lights






A Beautiful Abundance of Birds


Looking Up


A Divided World


The Blue Below






Love Sculpture


Two Weavers


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