July/August 2003

Wives of the Desert

In the blue goat-hair tent, Shaimaa heard the music and laughter of the wedding, the shrill ululation of women’s voices and heavy swirl of woolen skirts. She pulled the scratchy blanket that smelled of camels up over her nose to avoid inhaling the mouth-watering flavors of prickly pear cactus, sweet and juicy, of plump golden […]

World War II Story

I was lying in my bunk, listening to the waves rocking the sides of the Yorktown when I heard the sound. It wasn’t much, just a slight splash in the water, but when you have been living on an aircraft carrier for six months in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, you know the sound […]


mariachis playing joyful songs and niños laughing street vendors, pregoneros, shouting out hopes of selling their goods las mujeres, the women, chatting as they slap tortillas on the patio these are the sounds of my México, the sounds que yo quiero mucho, the sounds I love Natalia M. Thompson, 11Madison, Wisconsin