July/August 2003

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising by Karen Hesse; Henry Holt & Company: New York, 1994; $16.95 Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do some people live and others die? Isn’t it ironic how a loss can bring two strangers together, but then ultimately, keep them apart? These are some of the questions which Karen Hesse […]

The Island

She stood on the dock, squinting into the early morning sun. The wooden planks creaked softly as she ran over it. A dog trotted behind her, a small scruffy brown dog. They stopped near the end of the dock, leaped off the edge and into a small boat. “The ferry’s not here yet,” she said […]

A Friend

“Remember when we were eating yellow popsicles in the park and there was a wind and the yellow melted popsicle blew on us?” “Yes,” I responded, “your mum asked where we’d gotten mustard stains.” We both broke down laughing, until I managed to gasp, “Remember when I took the shortcut behind the school and rode […]

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