July/August 2003


Living in a world full Of selfishness and wealth, I feel the need to do something, Reach out to others. Two-year-old Diego Calls out to me, His picture spanning the miles From faraway Guatemala. Alone with just his mother And very little else, There must be some way to help, Save my money for his […]


“Grace!!! Wake up!” I awoke that morning to the sound of my mother’s prickly voice in my ear. I grunted and put the pillow over my head. “Grace!” “All right!” I cried, “I’m up!!!” My mother tutted and looked me in the eye. “I wish you wouldn’t sleep so late, there’s chores to be done.” […]

Thirteen and Still Feeling Lucky

I leaned back in the cushioned seat of the gondola. I looked over at my close friend and mountain bike riding partner Daniel Vest. Dirt smudges ran across his face, and his clothes had a tint of brown on them. Both of our shirts were drenched with sweat. I drummed my fingers on the seat. […]

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