September 2021

What Clouds Are Made Of

Lara learns the truth about clouds When I was small, I was fascinated by clouds. What were they made of? Cotton candy? Wool? Could you touch the clouds, break off a fluffy piece with your hands? How did they feel, how did they taste? Those were some questions I asked myself. I could just lie […]

Dear Husband at the Sink

While the chattering water ripples through the kitchen, and a thin layer of liquid coats the plates on the table, shining in the sunlight, scrub the metal plate as it reflects in your bare hands. Grab the cup and continue washing until it’s filled with turbid water, mirroring the birds that carry the sky. Looking […]

The Window

I look out the window and wipe the fog off the glass into a heart shape. In the clear glass I can see a girl in a baseball cap, happily strolling with her dog down the road. I see a young man in a polka-dotted shirt performing a sad song, an old couple walking to […]