September 2021

The Piano

Violet can’t wait to start playing the piano “Do you play the piano?” my friend asked me. “No,” I replied. Starting from when I was four, a lot of my kindergarten classmates started to play the piano. Of the thirteen students in my class, six played the piano, or at least an instrument. The seven […]

Editor’s Note

After featuring long-form fiction in our summer issue, in this issue, I decided to focus on poetry and super short personal narratives. Although I love the way a good story can pull me in and away from the world, reading a novel can also be an exhausting experience—especially if you get caught up in marathon […]

Thirteen poems from EARTH MATTERS

THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING Logs sink while metals float. Dogs meow while cats bark. Private signs say “Trespassers welcome” while doormats say “Do not enter.” Worms fly while birds burrow. Trees grow underground while potatoes grow upside down. And all this is nonsense, but the opposite is too! META I am writing a poem about […]