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Alice Myers, 10
Westmont, QC, Canada

A Different Kind of Chapter

Alice Myers, 10

Imagine life as a book. A really interesting book. There are those chapters that make you smile, but there are also chapters that make you cry. There are chapters that end on a cliffhanger, and chapters that don’t. While this certain chapter of our book of life isn’t one that makes you smile, you should find comfort in knowing that everyone in the world is reading right along with you. This chapter will end sooner or later, and all these readers are doing their best to skim the pages and get to the end of the chapter, to ensure that it ends sooner. But sometimes there’s nothing you can do but keep reading and hope for the best.

In so many books you want to skip to the end. Does your favourite character get back home? Do they survive their thrilling adventure? Many authors do that on purpose. They want their words to be suspenseful, they want you to lie in bed awake, wondering what happens next. Maybe whoever writes our story wants it the same way. Sometimes something tells you not to skip to the end in novels. If you know how it all turns out, the story won’t be as interesting. The author, however, always knows the ending of their novel. They might cut the main character out at the last minute, or everything might go as you predicted. The story might have a happy ending. It might not. Whatever the author does, they do it for a reason. But whatever happens, good or bad, is meant to happen. There’s no way for you to change what’s already printed. Sometimes, all you can do is come along for the ride and cross your fingers.

I’ve never liked reading a sad chapter alone. You have no one to lean on. But I’ve never liked reading a happy chapter alone, either. You have no one to share the joy with. No matter what the ending is, no matter how many bumps there are in the road, everyone else is reading. We might have different understandings depending on our age, or our beliefs. But you–and everyone else on the planet–are reading the same words. This chapter will end.

And I don’t know about you, but after it does, I’ll still be using Zoom.

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  1. Great piece! Thoughtful and beautifully written. Thanks for reflecting on these strange times that we are living in.

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