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Battle of the Bugs: Corona Versus the Learning Bug

Hola! Me Llamo Trina Chaitanya
Vivo en Mumbai
Soy estudiante en Dhirubhai Ambani International Escuela
Me gusta los animales y pero

Oh sorry that was from my Spanish class
I wish I hadn’t said it out. Alas!
As you know Corona brought our lives to a halt
But it also gave me some cool things to flaunt

So hello, My name is Trina Chaitanya
I live in Mumbai
I am a proud student of Dhirubhai Ambani International School
I love animals, especially my dog

So the other thing I learned along
Was that one glitch can do serious wrong
Algorithm, API, runtime, data, token
All these words have entered my lexicon

Meet one of the youngest certified game coders
The title sits easy on my shoulders
Cough cough
I told you I have this habit to show off

Then again I learned that you can jump and click your heels,
By doing Kathak chakkars 20 times without squeals,
The gods bless you when you tie your ankle bells or ghungroo,
And pray to the lord through footwork I tell you,

My maths has gone way past tables
I can add, subtract, divide and multiply in fables
My vocabulary and grammar
Are stretching it out in substance and glamour

My biggest learning was that nothing will stop
And the best mantra came from those at the top
Just like water always finds its outlet
So does the mind in this gauntlet

Our teachers gave us virtual classes
And battled all the technical crashes
Every time they asked us not to chat
They said it with a smile, I doff my hat

We study from home so we can learn
But my teachers taught me never to yearn
Because the Learning Bug is winning across days,
As we open our minds to learning in new ways.

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