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Devanshi Das, 13
New Delhi, India

Covid Superheroes

Devanshi Das, 13




It’s been days since she was home
Leaving her family and kids behind
In the same city, living in a small hotel room
After a long day of hospital work,
A video call at night with her kids
Was her solace and keeps peace of mind.
As the sun rises, Sunita geared in all white
Steps out to enter her ward, a danger zone
Every morning comes with a promise of hope
For a better day and tougher war to fight.

The enemy is lurking somewhere unknown and unseen
Locked inside homes, people on road not to be seen
There stands Kamla, clutching her kid in her arm
Wielding a baton with ill fitted khaki uniform
Leaving behind a sick husband at home
She pleads, cajoles and forces people to leave the road
And, remain behind the safe walls of their home
As the enemies on the street hideously roam.

Making the world come to a halt
Corona is running fast, far and wide, but not caught
With the enemy, Ruchika is running with a mike in hand
A camera following her, ever ready to file a report
A story on the virus-run and how a Covid-war has just begun
Informing people at home and their scarier mind
She is the light of hope and their roving eyes.

The stillness rules at the busy corner of a street
The usual roar of the road is now without traffic
There walks Leelabati, with a broom in her hand
She sweeps the streets, unafraid of the corona’s deadly dance
A loosely hanging mask as her only defense
She had to work, as sanitizing the street was more important
To chase the virus and defeat its crippling attack.

They all are like you and me,
Living with their fears, worries and anxiety
But warriors as they are, leaving behind their comfort
They choose to step out to danger for our sake
So that we remain alive, we stay safe.
Salute to the courage, salute to their determination
Respect our superheroes' commitment to our great Nation.

Reader Interactions


  1. Excellent flow of emotions on captured observations.
    The little poet has empathized with a variety of true fighters those who are stepping out of their safe haven for the sake of a higher cause to save the humanity.
    Kudos to Devanshi

  2. Beautiful description of daily life struggle of Covid warriors and their resolve to fight the virus. Nice to see young mind have the sensitivity to understand their fight and commitment towards humanity at large. This poem captures a clear picture of India’s fight with Corona and women’s contribution to this fight in different roles. Thanks Devanshi.

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