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    • Hi Daniel, thank you for your question. The simple answer is – no, not really! We manage all our submissions using Submittable, and everything that goes on our site has to go through our editors. We get a lot of submissions and we can’t possibly publish everything.

  1. Hello – we are glad you are enjoying our daily creativity prompts! However, we prefer you not to send your work in as a comment. If you would like us to consider your work for publication, then please send it to us as a submission via our Submittable portal – just click on Submit to get all the details. Thank you!

  2. Hi, Can you accept a submission in the format of Apple PAGES? I can’t figure out how tomchange it to a doc file.

    • Hi there, I don’t think the Submittable system has that file type on its list. You should be able to make a Word (.doc) version from Pages by following these steps:
      – Open the Pages doc you’d like to convert.
      – Click File in the top left corner.
      – Select Export To → Word…
      – Click Next… in the bottom right corner.
      – Create a name for your exported doc, and where to save it, click Export.
      I hope that helps – and works!

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